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The Chemistry at D8able is a process that will allow us to match you with the right person, by first helping you understand who you are first!

Understanding of you (self) + D8able = the right person

  • We gather the “Elements” of the client:
    We have to understand who you are in order for us to figure out why you are single and why you are having issues finding the right match.  This also applies to those in a relationship, but instead, those in a relationship need help figuring out why so many problems are taking place in their relationship.
  • Recruiting Process:
    We take the elements discovered in our unique bio-assessment and find the ideal person for you. The potential match will also go through a very similar process to make sure he or she is the right match for you.
  • Client/Dater Compatibility Comparison  or “Creating the Compound”:
    When two elements (our client and the dater) join together they create a compound, the stronger the elements, the stronger the bond between the two and the more sense they make together.
  • The Introduction:
    We set up the date and make sure that our client is prepared for every step that he or she will take to ensure the success and development of a long lasting relationship.

About Us – Gay Matchmaker

D8able is a national LGBTQ Matchmaking and Relationship Advising Company based in New York.  D8able is designed to teach the LGBTQ how to be D8able first, before they should try and include a partner in their life. We educate on ‘self’ and how self is the foundation to any relationship, but there are steps to landing the right person and maintaining it.  The beginning of those steps start with the individual first .

The mission of D8able is to provide services to people who want to find companionship and love and to advocate the need for greater awareness around dating in the LGBTQ community. We believe strongly in trust, commitment, honesty, sanctity of a relationship, & longevity.

We also believe that once you are in a relationship, help is still needed. We believe that love, dating and being romantic should not stop once you “put a ring on it”.  We want our clients, whether single, in a relationship or married to know that they have a place to come for advisement and guidance.


Matchmaking & Date Coaching

D8able LLC prides itself on its new and improved way of matching its members and clients. Our clients first go through a baseline profile, and this allows us to learn a little more about them and what they are looking for. We also go over your past experiences and your future expectations; which allows us to learn what our clients are looking for and how to be of better service to them. Matchmaking should be more than just about the basic generic questions (what are you physically attracted to? Tell me about the ideal personality? etc…), but more about getting to the core of you and the core of the person you want to potentially spend the rest of your life with.

1. What is your Elemental Dating makeup ( see our Elements of Dating Table)
2. What is the Elemental Dating Makeup of the relationship you want to thrive in?

Couples/Individual Counseling/Therapy

D8able stresses that counseling and therapy is very important. Rather than waiting for your house to be engulfed in flames before you call the fire department, we rather help our clients figure out certain things before they become fundamental.  We advise on:

1. Issues with sex
2. Relationship crisis
3. Relationship recovery
4. Stabilizing the relationship
5. New couples counseling
6. Individual counseling

Panels and Workshops

These are the educational tools and engagement that allows D8able to show the LGBTQ community how to actually be Dateable.  We focus on subjects like Self, Sex, communication and much more. We want our community to learn from the mistakes of others and seek advise as well as be in an environment that is about helping you grow and self improve.

Behavioral Assessments

This is something that is very new in the world of matchmaking and something that cannot be done by everyone.  Our process is conducted by experienced and highly trained behavioral profiler’s. Through this type of assessment you will learn the following:

1. You will learn more about you.
2. You will learn why dating and relationships have been an issue for you.
3. You will learn areas where to improve your self.
4. You will learn how to break generational concerns that are probably putting a strain on your current dating patterns and/or relationship.



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TOSIN – Co-Founder
Tosin Adesanya is a graduate of Howard University in Washington DC, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Tosin has over 9 years’ experience as a Human Resource Professional and in 2012 he founded Adesanya Enterprise, a business development e-commerce business that focuses on Branding, Endorsements and Sales. Tosin wanted to make a positive impact within the LGBTQ community by filling a need in an area that concerned him the most within the community, specifically, the importance of forming healthy long lasting relationships. The idea of an LGBTQ Matchmaking service was soon birthed within his mind to fill this need.

TYE – Co-Founder
Tye Farley has over 10 years experience working in the political and legal sector as a behavioral profiler and crisis manager. Tye has his degree in Behavioral science and uses those skills to help solve large legal, celebrity and political issues.
After receiving his discharge from the Navy, Tye launched his own crisis firm where he and his team handled political and legal crisis for members of the Department of Defense and 30 high profile law firms around the country. Tye Farley also later launched ‘BC Project Awareness’, campaign that allowed Tye to stabilised the local economy of smaller cities around the country without increasing their taxes.
Tye uses these skills as a behavioral profiler and crisis manager to service the LGBTQ community with quality matches and advising. Tye also enjoys Tennis, politics, video games and exploring New York City.


Benefits of being a Member!

1. No More Swiping Left! (apps)

2. No More limitation to the 1.5 mile radius (apps)

3. Finding someone specifically vetted for you (dating sites cannot do this)

4. These are Psychological, Emotional and Physical Matches

5. Direct accessibility to our team

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