Better Sex Vs. Real Love

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So, of all the issues we come across at the D8able office, a lot of them are based on high sexual expectations or ridiculous standards for sex. Our clients that come in voiced these expectations as one of their top reasons for not sticking it out in a relationship.

We keep talking about the dating checklist and what we want vs. what we get, but would you actually turn someone away because they didn’t perform a certain way in bed?


  1. If someone didn’t give you head during sex or didn’t like doing it, is that a deal breaker?
  2. If someone didn’t “eat ass”, is this another reason not to move forward with someone?
  3. If someone didn’t last longer than 3 minutes during sex, is it over?

Let say the person we are dating has the above “issues”, BUT they are faithful, they love you, respect you, appreciate you, value you, want to marry you… is it still over?

Yes, sex is important, but if someone not liking to eat ass is the reason that you won’t let it work, I think it’s time to do some self searching. Like really! Someone out there is husband material, has it all, but doesn’t last long and you take off? That doesn’t sound right!

Lets go back to the Guy A and Guy B example,

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Guy A (left)Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 10.17.26 AM

Has a great job, wants you to meet his family, conservative in style, and knows how to communicate. He has an average penis, let say 7inches, and on average he lasts about 5 minutes in bed.

Guy B (right)

In between jobs, doesn’t want to tell too many people about you. Has an urban style and likes to post half naked (thirst trap) pictures online. He has a 9.5 inch penis and can go all night, even for a few times with you, if you wanted it.

So what do you do? Who would you walk out the room with?  We have to take life and love a little more seriously. We can’t think about spending the rest of our lives with someone, or having a family with someone and one of the “must haves” are whether or not he performs any level of oral sex.  

You should open up to the possibility that love will present itself in a package that you might not expect.  Open up the possibility that what you THINK you need, might be the very thing hindering you from finding the man that will sweep you off your feet… There is a lot more a man can do for you, than what happens in the bedroom! Just saying ☺

If you find yourself struggling with the issues outlined in this column, please reach out to us at info@d8ablellc.com

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