Chapter 2: Five-Date Rule

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Hooking up early and often leads to more hooking up early and often.  How do you break the cycle?  There are a lot of urban legends, if you will, that have to do with properly navigating the rough dating waters.  There’s the “day rule”, where you wait a day before you call someone you just met.  There’s the “let them make the first move” rule.  Some of us even believe in the good ole friendship tests… you know, your friends have to approve of any major dating decisions you may make.

When it comes to proper bedding etiquette, and no not the proper way to lay sheets over a mattress.  Proper bedding etiquette refers to the right time to remove the undergarments and do what the animals do.

Enter the D8able five date rule.

Our five date rule doesn’t focus on how many sunsets occur between the time you meet and the time you umm greet your prospective love interest.  Our five date rule focuses on something far more important, something many of us choose to ignore. The D8able five date rule explores what really happens during the preliminary time spent between you and your potential significant other.  Our five date rule helps you to read the signals during your early dating life with someone.  The five date rule invites you to explore the actions, both positive and negative, that you may engage in during this time period as well.   

This chapter debunks silly pseudo-dating-science and replaces it with common sense during the otherwise foggy times of preliminary dating.  Most importantly, our five date rule helps you to understand when YOU’RE ready to sleep with someone.  

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The Elements of D8ing: The Essential LGBTQ Guide to Meeting, Connecting, Dating and Loving will be released on May 3rd, 2016.

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