New Year, New Behavior

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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein


I started with a quote on insanity just to remind people, if it’s not working for you and year after year you continue to behave the same way, your Insane.

So, how about this for a resolution… Be committed to learning and exploring more of yourself. In 2016, we should not invest any more time or energy left to allow others to define or insist upon our actions.


Make 2016 about Love

While we take the time to improve on self, don’t be afraid to open up to the possibility of love. I sure for some, 2015 and maybe even 2014, brought you some pain, heartache, break ups and whatever else life may have thrown at you but love is worth the wait.

I let our clients know that we attract what we respect, so if you are tired of the same results in your love life, let’s first start by changing what we respect.

Love is perfect and its already patient, it’s when we try and change one another, that is when the problems begin. So don’t be afraid to put your heart out there again, be vulnerable, and open up once more.

Love doesn’t hurt.

Loneliness hurts, rejection hurts, envy hurts and most of the time we mistake these things with love.

Remember, love is the only thing in the world that doesn’t hurt.


Make 2016 about Career

To keep with the spirit of change and doing something different, let’s make the new year about stepping a little further out of our comfort zone. Expand your career and change the way you think about life. Destiny is yours to grab, so do it.  It’s been said that ‘Monday’s don’t suck, it’s just your job’ so if you hate it, change it. Life is too short to just be existing in place of the comfortable, normal and familiar… Life is about grabbing it by the balls and making the most of it with the one you love and your loved ones you surround yourself with.


Make 2016 about Building

For the Introvert: Step out of that shell and from behind that titanium wall you have built. Go out and build new friends and relationships. Your ability to focus and be in your thoughts to make the right and most tactful and calculating decisions are great, but it’s okay to make mistakes and take risks. Make it a goal to do something you have never done before, go some place you have never been before. Life is out there, so step out and embrace it.

For the Extrovert: Telling you to make friends and get yourself out there would be kind of pointless, so instead I challenge you to be more decisive. In being decisive, I want you to be less of a leaf in the wind, going where ever it blows you. Instead take the time to strengthen the relationships that you have, building stronger bonds and growing together. I know it is easy for you to connect and talk to anyone but that doesn’t lead to a life of stability and structure, but rather social chaos of not knowing who is really there for you and around you for the right reasons. I challenge you to go through your phones and remove some people, delete some Facebook “friends” and unfollow some people on IG- Try something new, and take the time to sit down with the people that have been there, edified you and helped you learn more about yourself.


So, for the New Year, lets talk about a new behavior – for if we change the way we think, then we can change our situation and our circumstances.

Let’s make 2016, a GREAT year.

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