The Superficial Gay: Chapter 1

Elements of D8ing COVER

What are the driving forces in attraction? What is it about someone that makes them irresistibly hot while others aren’t even moderately warm? More importantly, what is it about YOU that attracts you to certain people, while for others you couldn’t even pick them out of a police line-up? Ultimately, what makes you want to jump into bed with the hottie in front of you?

In chapter one of The Superficial Gay, we answer all of your questions while discussing Intimacy and dating, often a road that all of us have traveled. The difference is, this chapter invites you to explore your surroundings while making the trip. It is a new way to look at an age old issue. How does one grow a long lasting, fulfilling relationship out of the mere seeds of an initial attraction? Leave the mysticism and all that star-crossed lover bullshit for your favorite DVD movie. This chapter presents you with a fresh ideas pertaining to the initial attraction. It really shows you how to take a proactive approach in creating and fostering the best environment for love to take place.

Gone are the days where you say, ‘I hope to meet someone’ or ‘I hope to fall in love one day’  Stop with the passive aggressive dating, which ends up like picking winning lotto numbers. This chapter not only teaches you how to read your dating scenarios, it also keys you in on how to act during these particular moments in your dating journey. The Superficial Gay also invites you to take a look at yourself, examine the good and the bad and decide who you are as a person when dating. This is to better equip you in the complex world of dating.

With a detailed, entertaining and fresh way to looking at dating, The Superficial Gay lays the groundwork for the rest of the manual. It outlines the major stages you meet during your dating journey, while also addressing any concerns you may have.

The Elements of D8ing: The Essential LGBTQ Guide to Meeting, Connecting, Dating and Loving will be released on May 3rd, 2016.

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