Why D8able?

D8able is very unique. We have taken the time to develop a process that aids in getting to the core of  our clients. We aren’t asking our clients their favorite colors, foods or thoughts on an ideal date because these questions won’t get our clients their ideal matches.

Who is a potential client for D8able?

We service clients that are looking for meaningful connections, commitment and ultimately long term relationship. Many of our clients have tried LGBT dating apps and have been unsuccessful. As a result they have become disenchanted with the dating process and are looking for our team of seasoned professionals to aid them in finding their potential life partners.  In addition we service clients that enjoy the dating process (serial daters) who are looking for more substantial connections but unsure where to begin.

What are the long term goals of D8able?

It is our goal to educate, be a resource, be a guide and serve as a consultant group for the LGBTQ community.  D8able provides services that allow people to learn more about themselves and the dating process. In addition to serving as the platform to finding the ideal person, it is our mission to serve as a resource to keep healthy relationship going.

Are there any rules?

Yes and no, we ideally want our client to listen us and follow our guidance. We would want our client to avoid sex until they have made a decision on whether or not this person is someone they can see themselves with long term.

Is the service expensive?

Our services are very affordable. We offer several tiers to accommodate all of our clients. In addition to our paid services, we host monthly free events open to the general public to serve as an alternative form of entertainment and education for the LGBTQ community.