#1 stars
My session with D8able was insightful and rewarding. The use of the periodic table helped bring to light some of my own issues I perhaps had been avoiding and were clearly impacting my decision-making when it came to romantic partners. In a short amount of time I was given some practical tools to change my thinking around what I value and how this influences the quality of people I meet and associate with.

– Colin

#2 stars
I had the pleasure to sit down with D8able and have an amazing session. For me this conversation was like coming up for fresh air for the very first time in years. They were able to understand and breakdown certain charateristics about myself that I would have never noticed or perceived as holding me back. D8able not only helped me have a better understanding about my self and my actions, but also gave me different solution on ho to change and better myself! I would recommend everyone to have a session with them. They are truly amazing at this and know what they are doing.

– Jorge

#3 stars
Working with Tye was truly a pleasure and inspiration. My partner and I met Tye during a couples group discussion on dating and loving in NYC. I was immediately impressed by the organization and clarity of the process Tye and his business partner laid out. I am 42 years old and have yet to see an organization approach the challenges of living and loving in NYC as gay people of color with the emphasis on wellness emotionally and psychologically as well offering practical ideas on what it means to be dateable and subsequently loveable.  This work could not come at a better time in my eyes, as laws and phobias shift for people of color we are freer than ever to date and love as we choose, but how is the question for many of us. How do we have dating experiences that go beyond sex, and how do we maintain those relationships once we do? Undateable NY seems to be on the right track to answering these challenges. I think this work will not only create some long lasting romantic relationships but some long awaited healing for a romantically wounded community..

After the group discussion I expressed to Tye that I was having some challenges with myself, and my relationship and was seeking a therapist. Well, after giving him what had to be a four sentence history of my concerns Tye immediately went to work offering helpful questions and practical things I could implement with my partner. I was surprised by his degree of candor and willingness, not to mention how well the brief conversation/counseling session helped! He also recommended a wonderful therapist that has really me helped find the clarity of heart and mind I was seeking . If you have a chance to work with Tye I highly recommend it.
– Brian